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tv   Washington Journal Erik Wasson  CSPAN  March 25, 2020 10:51am-11:12am EDT

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>> this week without booktv programs showcasing what's available every weekend on c-span2. tonight we focus on science. >> watch booktv tonight starting at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> host: erik wasson joining us on the phone, a blooper congressional reporter. erik wasson, we reach this deal in the middle of the night.
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what happens today in the senate? >> guest: look, they're still the process of putting together sledges of language but were expecting votes today in the senate. the housemate adopted by unanimous consent without coming back to vote. that's the goal of house speaker nancy pelosi. it's hard to achieve. we did see a tweet late last that from justin amash, the lone independent panic the deal. he would have the ability to come back and plot unanimous consent. they may move quick enough he won't be able to do that. it's extraordinary if thes house would approve a $2 trillion package, i get the largest in this bill ever contemplated in the united states without an open debate and vote but the maybe what needs to happen because more and more members are self quarantining, two have already tested positive for the virus. both sides, republican-democratic side are looking to try to get this over the life and get those checks americans a. >> is possible.
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>> host: do we know apple . the senate comes in and what time they may vote today? >> guest: they they're coming t noon. the vote has a been scheduled yet but this is a huge bill. not as big as the one house democrats were trying to get which was 600 t pages or so from the draft we saw but still they are looking to leave town for preparing until april 20. that's the most likely but there's privations to give business that we need to be done in may so they may not be able to come back if they do with the fibers to fix problems that this bill. >> host: erik wasson, what then of house democratic leadership, the speaker republican leadership in the house telling their members about this proposal? are the things you should accept it and let us do this by unanimousby consent? >> guest: onthey are. steve scalise is the house republican whip.
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he had a call with his team yesterday and said look him nancy pelosi's other option is to bringhi forward this house bill, a provision republicans rejected. for example, any business that would receive the small business loan would have had to pay $15 minimum wage. there were things in there to make the airlines change their fuel in order to reduce carbon emissions. these are priorities for the left but steve scalise aside the senate bipartisan bill is at best option canan otherwise will drag this out and have pelosi's bring back members to vote on a much more liberal bill. he's encouraging that. pelosi is facing some questions and resistance. she held her own caucus call earlier in the day around 2 p.m. where members were questioning whether her and her liberal party would be in this pic she's facing skepticism of her own left flank but we'll
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see if she can pull it together. it's been very hard to achieve, louis gohmert was able to delay a procedure on the earlier bill. to remind your viewers he was that it was the third coronavirus package, $8 billion initial infusion of cash and then about $100 billion second package, and the third one. steny hoyer has said the probably be a fourth and fifth as the needs developed during this ongoing crisis. >> host: as you said justin amash tweeting out yesterday this bipartisan deal is a raw deal for the people.ra it is far too little for those who need the most help on providing hundreds of billions in corporate welfare. massively o growing government, inhibiting economic adaptation and widening the gap between the rich and the poor. if you were or a democrat object, then what with the house have to do? >> guest: essentially they would have to -- they could have
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a voice vote and that requires some other procedural hurdles but that would be another option that they could agree to which is they would have yeas and nays. in that case if he would agree to that he could voice is no vote verbally on the floor, but still it would pass. or he could request and a bunch of people could commit a roll call vote in which case the house would have to come back. a lot of members are what about this prospect. they could be bringing back the bike to d.c. making it a toxin barba. there's talk about if they did that through spacing out votes, people come in shifts, , space t and maintain social distancing. it would be a logistical problem and delay things probably for a few days. the president iss eager to sign this as early as today. >> host: and maybe a necessity
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because of the risk of bringing the members back to washington but you alsois have several who were quarantined or in the case of ben mcadams a democrat he's inar the hospital with covid-19. he put out a statement yesterday before this deal was struck saying using a public of emergency to insert unrelated partisan provisions is wrong. both parties in both genders must put politics aside and put working families lives and livelihoods first. we want something done immediately and i call my college to reach our partisan agreement. >> guest: he's a member of the blue dog coalition and they were opposed to this initial 1400 house bill and the sense that it did contain some liberal priorities if they felt this was an overreach by somee of the liberals but i think the conversation has now moved on from that to the senate deal and i would expect him and others to be on board with this agreement. essentially it's similar to what mcconnell came up with except
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that schumer got some significant changes, longer unemployment insurance. people have been able to get sole unemployment benefits plus $600 a week for four months, three much due to the schumer effort. for the average worker that's a full salary. the check data glottis and possible for people who are trying to avoid defaulting on their april 1 mortgage payments or rental payments. the overall question whether he will statement the economy remains open. people are still sequestered or afraid to go to bars and restaurants even if they get $1200 a more they will not spend it immediately. at least avoiding evictions or other problems on april 1 is an immediate goal for congress. >> host: when do you expect the president would sign this then? >> guest: if the house can work it always pump it could happen as early as today. they are still drafting it. expect these people are very talented that they'll get it together and have it fully done
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but there were a contentious issues like this oversight board they put in place, inspector general to make sure the corporate money has oversight. very similar to what happened in 2008. it wasn't. it wasn't in the initial deal of thee details about, whether eiji has subpoena power are still being worked other aspect that would be done today and the president could sign up by tenant. >> host: . >> host: erik wasson, congressional reporter with bloomberg. thank you for your time. you can go to to find his reporting. >> today the white house coronavirus task force provides an update on the outbreak and the federal governments response. response. watch live at 5 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> this week this week with thev programs showcasing what's available every weekend on c-span2. tonight we focus on science.
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watch booktv tonight starting at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> c-span2 not take you live to vermont with the state government is holding a a press briefing on the states coronavirus response. .. [inaudible conversations] >> are you on?
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